Tuesday, April 22, 2008

beading contest entries

tax day (april 15) was also the last day for submissions to the fire mountain gems beading contest.

i managed to create two pieces .

this first one i entered into the seed bead category and the freshwater pearls category. everything in each piece had to be purchased from fire mountain gems other than found objects, things you made, or things they don't sell.

this necklace has quartz beads, coin pearls, traditional pearls, delica seed beads, and a sterling silver and pearl clasp. these elements along with acculon bead cord and crimp beads were all from fire mountain gems.

i also included beach glass from lake erie, and three focal beads that i made.

the focal beads were made with clear glass, covered in silver foil, and then encased in clear glass.

i made the surface textured to look more organic and more like a found object.

i tried acid etching some of the beads i made, but it eliminated the silver look too much, so i left them shiny.

the second necklace is "hot rocks!"
i entered it into the art clay and metal categories.

it has sterling silver chain, onxy beads, sterling silver wire, and an onxy and sterling clasp from fire mountain gems.

it also has lava rocks from FMG that i transformed into silver beads with layers of art clay paste and firing with the torch.

five of my "graffiti beads" are also on the necklace. i made them with black glass and white stringer.

i don't know how either piece will do. they tend to select heavily seed beaded items, which i guess require skill and lots and lots of time, but i don't find them particularly wearable or at all hip.

it was at least a good experiment and if nothing else, i have two very interesting necklaces i can sell later in the summer.

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Playnature Productions said...

i still think you show call them MOON BEADS,

but seriously, both of these necklaces kick a lot of arse!!